Counseling After Divorce

In spite of the readily available marriage counselors, over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Some end over a long period of time, others end abruptly, and some end out of necessity for safety. Struggles of custody pursue, lives are changed, feelings are hurt, kids ask questions, and time moves on. However, the affect of the divorce can stay with a person for many years, even a lifetime.

Many people seek counseling as a result of being hurt by a divorce. Men, women, and children benefit from seeing counselors everyday around the nation due to unresolved feelings and thoughts about their experience with divorce.

Play therapy is popular for children who have experienced the divorce of his/her parents and can be beneficial in helping a child adjust to a new lifestyle and way of living. Play therapy helps children discover new ways of being and works to create new meaning about what families, parents, and relationships offer.

Teenagers benefit from counseling after a divorce as they work to develop a new sense of self and grow to understand who they are in life. Adolescence is a unique time when teens begin to grow apart from their parents and discover their own individuality. The growth process can be challenging and parents are still needed as a reflection of stability in a changing world. If a divorce has occurred in a teenager’s life, they may be left feeling unstable and confused on what to base their own identity. Counseling can help teenagers work through their ideas of identity, provide stability, and offer space to explore their thoughts and emotions as they continue to develop into an individual.

Adult children also benefit from counseling after experiencing their parents’ divorce. An increased capacity to understand the situation is available to adult children, however, this does not always help minimize the affect divorce has on adult children. Working through thoughts and emotions with a counselor can help an adult who has experienced their parents’ divorce develop a clear understanding of the situation and bring meaning to their experience.

Counseling is also provided for those who have been divorced or are considering divorce. People often seek counseling before, during, and after divorces are finalized to promote healthy choices and thinking about the situation. Some couples come to counseling as a last attempt to save their marriage before the divorce attorneys are brought in. Some decide to work hard at counseling and discover their marriage is worth saving and others decide that being apart is the healthiest decision for all parties involved in the relationship. Regardless of the timing, counseling can be beneficial for those who are considering divorce or those who have been divorced.

If you fall into any of these categories and believe speaking to a professional in your area would be beneficial to your experience with divorce, please call and schedule an appointment. The Lotus Group has many trained professionals who can assist you and offer support to a divorce situation. If you are considering divorce, it might be helpful to talk to one of the Indianapolis counselors at Lotus Group. You may find that your relationship is not over yet. You may find that your relationship is not over yet.

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