Marriage Counseling – Common Questions

  • Why seek marriage counseling?

Seeking out marriage counseling can seem like admitting failure. After all, good marriages don’t need counseling, right? Wrong. Actually, most couples will seek out a counselor at some point in their marriage. Counseling is not an admission of failure, but an admission that marriage takes work, and most often, that work needs some direction.

  • What would we talk about?

Marriage counselors deal with a wide range of issues. They can discuss your finances and household budget, dealing with extended family, parenting issues, sexual frustrations, depression or anxiety in the marriage, abusive relationships, infidelity, learning how to communicate with your spouse, dealing with grief, feeling estranged from your partner, and many other concerns. The list is endless. The bottom line is if you feel like your marriage can be more, a counselor can help you figure out how to get there.

  • Won’t it be embarrassing?

It can be daunting sitting with a stranger trying to explain what has brought you there. The best approach is to be honest. If you are feeling nervous or even silly, admit it. And don’t try to be someone you are not. By not addressing the real problem, you just postpone getting to the root of the problem. Realize too, that most marriage counselors have heard just about everything. Odds are, you are not going to surprise or embarrass your counselor.

  • What if my partner won’t go with me?

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence. Most marriage counselors will gladly open their doors to you, even if you are coming alone. Often, a partner will become involved once he/she sees your commitment and enthusiasm. Even if your spouse never goes with you, there are benefits in seeing a marriage counselor without him/her. Don’t let that be the thing that stops you from improving your relationship.

  • How can I find a counselor?

Lotus Group provides Indianapolis Marriage Counseling as well as other therapy and counseling services. And remember, you are not tied to seeing a counselor who doesn’t fit your personality. If you can’t be open with this person, find someone else. You need to be able to speak frankly so your issues with your spouse can be resolved.When you’re ready, we’re here: 317.595.5555

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